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Ella Kay
4 min readApr 19, 2022
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I published 3 stories in March. I know, I know it’s against all advice to be successful on Medium. I did my best to show up and be active here almost every day. That’s the other side to the story and probably the most important one. I write on a daily basis and I am an active member of this community. These two components have indeed an impact on your success.

I spend the most of my time reading and commenting on other writers pieces. In total I’ve written 150 comments. In my first month my focus was more on engaging with the people behind the stories and creating connections with them.

Within 30 days my follower count went up to 300, which really astonished me. I never expected this to happen in such a short period of time. Maybe because I didn’t pay attention to the number of followers. There was no pressure involved on my side. I’m aware that it’s a different story when you’re longing for your first 100 followers just to get into the Medium partner program.

There are tons of articles teaching and promising you how you can gain 100 followers in the shortest time possible. The majority of them advertise for a follow for follow. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this game because it does more harm to your stats than good. Yes, we all have to attain the magical number in order to be accepted into the partner program. But here is the thing: if your writing pieces don’t get enough views and reading time, you won’t make any money. Although 100 followers will get you into the Mpp, it will not get you any further. If you are lucky, a handful of those people will read your stories. The majority of them don’t and disappear without ever reading one of your articles. That’s the unpleasant reality behind this popular method.

Did I give it a try? Sure! That’s why I am bringing it up. I’ve been there, done that.

Don’t judge the path if you haven’t been on the journey — Ella Kay
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As a newbie, I wish I’d discovered any advice like this one to prevent me from falling for the follow-for-follow trap…



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